As I sit here in Portland International Jetport, looking over the photos from the past few days, I realized how much fun I had. And it’s not just the photography, it’s also the food and the people I met. Everyone I ran into are nice and welcoming. Even when I got lost, locals are welcoming when I asked for direction. They even offered me a cup of coffee. Made me kinda miss my time when I lived in Italy. The hospitality of people is amazing. More than likely, I’ll be back. If not soon, it will definitely be next fall when the leafs turn.

the earliest sunrise in the US--what a real colorful sunrise looks like

first light can turn rocks into "fire"

early rises wait for sunrise along with my fellow photographers

lovely couple. i didn't get a chance to say hello. quite romantic i would say.

do you see the purple?!?! it's unbelievable!. ok. i'm too excited. Can't wait to see my film slides.

sunlit grass..nice.

it's a dead landscape until the grass came alive

does it get more intense?

goodbye Maine....for now.