I got the iPhone 4 a while back and recently, have been shooting a lot with it. It’s basically my walk-around camera and I have it with me all time. I experimented with the HDR feature of the new iOS 4.1 and found it to be quite nice. It really brings out the shadows and saves the highlight area. It basically takes three photos (normal exposure, underexposed, and overexposed) in a row then uses some algorithm to combine them. The only downside is that it only works with static subjects. If your subject is moving, forget about it–you’ll get weird ghosting effect. At least the iPhone saves the original as well as the HDR photo so you can pick out which one looks better. These are the iPhone 4’s captured images:


HDR kept the light from overexposing the reflecting surface of the aluminum sculpture.

It’s autumn here in Florida.

The BOLD colors come straight out of the phone.

Late sunset. Color rendering is still beautiful. Too much noise, but still usable.

The result of HDR–gradation is really nice and smooth.